Top 5 chrome amazing extensions you don't know

chrome amazing extensions

1. Ookla:
The easiest way by Ookla the performance of your connection to the Internet (Speedtest) with a view to finding it easier to use the speed test. They are determined as well as the largest global server connects to the network. Millions of people (Speedtest) # 1 tool for testing Internet speed. 

2. Live start page
Live start page significantly improves your work on a computer that has a browser extension application. The new tab page and to-do, with incredible wallpapers living room, with the change in the method of meditation, and other features. Tired and worn out, that enables Chrome extension created. 
Hundreds of unique live wallpapers built on standard backgrounds
Natural and situational sounds-with-mode
Current weather and forecast list
Link to clocks

3.Unshorten Link
Shortened and miscellaneous links disappear, extension, any link shortener ( or Ka Unshorten also known to track cookies from automatically removing URL. Unshorten 300 list of popular link shortening services, keeps and puts constantly updated. 

Once you unknowingly or deliberately, click on a shortened link.  shortened URL that you link to this goal, what is the easiest way to identify the fonts on web pages. Easy to use Firebug and WebKit inspector developers are unbearable. 

However, for others, it may not be necessary. With this extension, you can review them by hovering over the web fonts. It is simple and elegant. It also detects services used for serving web fonts. Supports Typekit and Google Font API. WebMonkey Wired, Lifehacker, And recommended by SwissMiss. 

5.Google black bar:
Google black bar of the easiest ways to dump the page to lead the Google universe, you use the Search, Google, that can be translated into a user-friendly drop-down list. Many of the quickest ways to your favorite Google services provides directory. Add '' pointing and dragging / services from an extensive list of services needed by clicking on the Customize menu. , Services, delete, Stilt them have the right to dispose of them. 

Google Search: Access Google black bar and increasingly this. As soon as pictures, books, news, Find the mini window to search the web or to switch tabs can -all. Google is by sharing the current page, or your recent Google updates trammels. Go to Google to find out everything you can on a mobile device. 

Google Translate: View your history, and translate your favorite ones. 

Google Maps: Search, Street View and satellite, traffic, public transport, and cycling Layers. Using the mini-map to try and find where is the next restaurant. 

YouTube: suggest your favorite videos to popular videos. Do a search, You'll want to share the results of the filter to find a video. Sign in below to find useful shortcuts. Google News. From any country, you choose for your locale, or you can read messages. World, Business, Science / Technology, and Entertainment, as well as their decision to close the News of the scan. Use this to search for any topic. 

Gmail: Trammels of a full-featured Gmail inbox or to send mail from. Colleagues, labels, edit, forward, and reply to emails, or do them right from the menu in Gmail can do everything scrutinizingly Gazette. 

Google Drive: Scan folders or search for files in a familiar setting. View your documents as a list or grid view check images. 

Google Calendar: This is summarized in a list view and a calendar of your upcoming events. Lists, create reminders, etc., or can copy snippets from the web. Including documents, all your notes will be here. 

Apps page: Global (and obscure) ways to maintain shortcuts to Google websites, such as Google contacts, apps, etc... You can search for specific events or see your Chrome it from the side drawer. Google Keep. Organize and rearrange them as you wish. You can search for specific events or see your Chrome it from the side drawer. Google Keep. Lists, create reminders, etc., or can copy snippets from the web. Including documents, all your notes will be here. Organize and rearrange them as you wish. Apps page. 

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