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What makes use of this site? is a special marketing platform that brings collectively the Advertisers and Members. Members are paid every time they test the advertiser's razzmatazz and advertisers are capable to ship their message to the hundreds at a very low cost!

You want to login to your PaisaLive Worth daily. For every special login in 24 hours, we save your worth with a login incentive. Once you log in, in your Inbox, you will reap promotions from our advertisers, based totally on your profile.

 How to Get Self-ruling Mobile Recharge through PaisaLive?

Now PaisaLive likewise affords self-ruling lamina recharges to all members. PaisaLive presents you loads of offers and reductions emails for Self-ruling Mobile recharge. PaisaLive helps all the predominant Telecom Operators and circles in India for Self-ruling Mobile Recharge.

It is very effortless, to uncork with availing self-ruling recharge advantages via PaisaLive. Just observe easy steps to get Self-ruling Mobile Recharge from PaisaLive:
Create your PaisaLive Worth with right details
Login to your PaisaLive Account.
Earn Self-ruling Mobile Recharge Balance byways of taking part in Self-ruling Recharge Emails in PaisaLive Inbox.
Check your Self-ruling Recharge Earnings. You can recharge your cellular as soon as you attain a minimum threshold of Rs10.

What is

PaisaLive lets in you to earn mazuma when you take a squint at the advertiser's promotion. You watch advertisements in your Email Website, Social Network, Newspapers, Television, however, none of them can pay you to take a squint at the advertisements. On the variegated hand, PaisaLive can pay you to take a squint at our reputed advertiser's promotions.

PaisaLive likewise will pay you when you log in to your worth daily. We ship you Fresh Promotions each day which you can check.

Other than that, PaisaLive likewise will pay you when you refer your pals to be a part of this internet site and be a section of this special revolution.

What PaisaLive is NOT?

PaisaLive is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick sort of website. You will now not come to be prosperous overnight. Initially, your revenue may likewise be slow, however, it will seize up very quickly and you ought to be in a position to make everyday profits each month.

PaisaLive is NOT an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). You do not want to promote something to earn from

You do not want to pay any expenses to be part of It is unquestionably FREE to join. In fact, we and our advertisers pay you to test their promotions.

How plenty can I earn from

You will earn right yonder Rs. ninety-nine simply for rhadamanthine a member of

You will earn Rs. 0.25 to Rs. 5.00 for checking every promotion. The quantity you earn relies upon on your Activity Score and the kind of promotion.

More the range of promotions you take part in, the greater your payout.

You earn a login incentive for simply logging into this internet the site as soon as every 24 hours.

You earn Rs. 2 for every pal you refer to

 How & when I obtain my payment?

We presently ship Payment by using Cheque. Payments are issued via the fifteenth of each month. For example, if you request your price withdrawal every time this month, your cheque will be issued byways of the fifteenth of the subsequent month.

Detailed FAQs are reachable in the Help Section as soon as you register and log in. For the listing of the latest Payment Proofs, please click on here. 

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